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Tire Service

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Regularly servicing your vehicle’s tires is important to ensure your vehicle operates at peak performance throughout its lifespan. Worn or damaged tires can cause major issues, especially when it comes to overall comfort and safety. Fortunately, Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown offers a full selection of tire services designed to ensure your vehicle’s tire last as long as possible!


Properly aligned tires are a necessity on any vehicle for optimized comfort and safety. Misaligned tires tend to wear faster than properly aligned tires, and can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the lifespan of your vehicle.

A vehicle with misaligned tires will usually see some pull to either side in the steering wheel or a completely misaligned steering wheel while driving straight. As a result, handling and driver control could be compromised.


Tires don’t wear evenly for a variety of reasons. The front tires, for example, wear faster because they bear the weight of the engine and lead the car around corners. The rear tires, on the other hand, simply follow the front. As a result, tire rotations are a necessity to maximize the life of all four tires.

Service technicians will generally rotate the tires at the time of an oil change. All four tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.


Tire tread will eventually wear down until it’s no longer safe to drive on. It’s at that point that you need new tires. It pays to check your tread levels with a small ruler. Doing so could help prevent an accident.


If you think your vehicle’s tires are damaged, it’s best to have them thoroughly inspected by a professional. Manufacturer-trained technicians will examine each tire thoroughly for abnormalities such as bulges, and damage like puncture holes.

Most certified dealerships will perform a thorough inspection as a part of routine service. Drivers should heed the technician’s advice as it could help improve safety, prevent future problems, and extend the life of the tire.

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