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Spring Car Maintenance Tips in Memphis, TN

Getting your car prepared to handle winter weather is incredibly important for its longevity, but it’s just as important to take care of some maintenance tasks when spring comes. Here are the spring maintenance tasks you can do to help your car recover from winter and keep it going longer.

First, you should give your car a thorough cleaning inside and out. Dirty slush and salt used to de-ice roads can stick to your car and cause it to rust if you don’t wash it off, and it’s especially important to make sure you’re getting the underside of your car. You’ve probably tracked a lot of that into your car, too, so clean your floor mats, seats, and windows from the inside.

You should also have your battery tested. Cold weather is hard on batteries, so before and after winter are the best times to have your battery checked and make sure the terminals are clean and free of corrosion.

After running your car so hard all winter, your engine oil is probably getting a little dirty, so now is a great time to get your car’s oil and filter change. While you’re at it, check your fluids for low levels, leaks, and debris that might call for an inspection or a fluid flush.

Get new wiper blades. If you were using winter blades throughout winter, it’s a good time to go back to all-season ones, since winter blades are better for snow than rain. If you’re using the same ones you used before winter started, you probably wore them out, so replace them before the rains hit!

Check your tires for low tread, check the air pressure, and have them rotated to ensure even wear. If your tires are worn down too much or you can see the wear bars, you probably want to have them replaced.

These are just a few spring maintenance tasks you should do for your car. For more information or to set up a service appointment, give us a call at Gossett VW Germantown!

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