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Dashboard Warnings Lights | Memphis, TN

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Dash Warning Lights

Dash warning lights are designed to give you a heads-up whenever there is potential danger. Located in an easy-to-see location, these warning lights will tell you everything about your car, whether you have a faulty battery or something as simple as a loose gas cap. We at Gossett VW Germantown have provided a list of the most common dash warning lights.
  • Check Engine Light. Perhaps the most common warning light to go on, the Check Engine Light (also called the Malfunction Indicator Light) lets you know that the engine’s computer has set a diagnostic code. Some of the most common reasons it goes on are for faulty emissions equipment (O2 sensors or catalytic convertors) or for loose gas caps.
  • Battery Alert. This light is bad news—it means that your voltage levels are below normal levels. It could indicate that you have a dead battery, but it also signals things like a bad alternator or corroded electrical wiring.
  • Brake Warning Light. Pull over as soon as possible when the brake warning light comes on. Though it could simply be an indication that your brake fluid is low, this light also signals that there is an issue with the brakes or the ABS system.
  • Traction Control. Sometimes called ESP depending on your car, the traction control light turns on when the anti-skid technology is activated. It’s an indication that you’re on a slippery surface and that your wheels are not spinning.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning. This light lets you know that the temperature is too high, which means you’re leaking coolant, the fan isn’t working, or that there’s a problem with your water pump. It’s a good idea to pull over if this light comes on.

These are some of the many dash warning lights you may see. Be sure to stop by our service center if you see a light come on, and our friendly, professional team will help to get your car back to working condition.
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